SpeakUp privacy policy last updated: November 22, 2021


  • No personal data collected
  • Servers in Switzerland
  • Data only used for research
  • Use it, don’t abuse it!

Collection of Information

When you access or use SpeakUp, the following data is stored on the SpeakUp servers:

  • User Identifier: an anonymous identifier is associated with your SpeakUp client (browser, or device). This identifier is required to give users updates about their actions (e.g., posts, likes). It can be deleted by clearing the browser cache or deleting the mobile app.
  • IP address: There is no link between users and IP address. SpeakUP does not record nor access IP addresses.
  • Usage data: SpeakUp stores user actions such as when users post messages, like, dislike or delete messages, or provide answers to polls. Each piece of usage data is associated with a timestamp and a user identifier. We also use Google Analytics to provide an overview of real-time usage (no user identifiers, no user generated content is sent to Google Analytics).
  • User generated data: SpeakUp stores user generated data such as rooms, messages, comments, polls, and votes. Each user generated piece of data is associated with a timestamp and a user identifier.
  • Nicknames and Moodle: in rooms embedded in Moodle that require nicknames, the Moodle user name will be used as nickname. With this setting, the app loses its anonymity.

Use of Information

SpeakUp servers are based in Switzerland and the information we collect is governed by Swiss law. We may use collected information for academic research purposes.

Sharing of Information

We may share anonymous usage information with other researchers.

Limitation of usage

SpeakUp cannot be used for discussions related to illicit activities or any activity against applicable institutional regulations. Users are solely responsible for the comments they post and the rooms they create.

Community Guidelines

Help us create a positive place where everyone can express themselves. We do not allow:

  • Harassment/Bullying
  • Racism/Discrimination/Hate speech
  • Offensive language
  • Spamming
  • Abuse of security